Yahoo Directory Listed

I have submitted Submission4U Directory last week. But we got a big problem 2 days later, I was hoping that would not do any harm to the submission to yahoo.

Fortunately, I got this email this morning,

The following URL submitted for expedited review with Yahoo!
Directory Submit Order #submission number has been added to the Yahoo!

Finally, we got accepted. I think our directory has been believable enough so that Yahoo Directory would list us.

Update: You may find us here or here. 😉

Submission4u Directory’s Birthday

At Apr. 21th, 2006, we released Submission4U Directory, now today is its birthday. 😉

One year is not a long time, but submission4U directory is well promoted and got PR4. We are sure it would be higher in this pagerank update.
BTW, we are a PS 5.5 directory now PS 5.5 Directory, what’s the important, we are a free web directory and most high PS directory would not offer free submission now. We have promised we are a free directory for ever.

2006 is the year of directory, many directories have come and gone but submission4u directory is growing from little to big, and we would be stronger in future.

Directory would be my life

2006 is the directory year, there are so many directories born in this year. But many people just consider directory is the tool for earning money.

Some people would start a free directory and then change it to paid when it got PR. It would change to free again when it get no submission. And that’s just what I do before. But I announce that the Submission4U Directory would be a free directory for ever, I will take it as my life.

Also I will promote it, keep it clean and unique. And I wish it would one of the best free directories one day.

Featured Link On Submission4u – $9.99

Submission For You PR5 Directory

Page Strength: 4.5
Today’s alexa: 58,792 – 3 months :87,769
Backlinks in Yahoo: 19,339 (increasing!)

We are listed in Alivedirectory, Avivadirectory, Ask-dir such heavily promoted directories, also we are now listed in the strongest directories.

Price: $9.99 – Yearly charge – Only for a short time and normal price is $35. If you need permanent featured link, it charges for $50, contact us for payment detail. Only 10 permanent featured links available.

7 featured links allowed in one category, make sure there are any left when you submit.