Unique Directory

What people like and what search engine like are unique directory which offers unique content and services.

I think we could make a list for unique directories as we have made two successful directory list for free phpld directory and paid phpld directory. This would be a weekly update directory list, the directory can be used any script and for any subject.

The directory listed should use unique template which is the most important term, otherwise the directory should be family friendly, so we can’t list adult, porn, gambling, illegal directory.

And you can find the list here.

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What’s a web directory

People called 2006 is directory year, thousands of directories born and dead. But what is a web directory, every one got his opinion.

In my opinion,

Directory is a site help people’s site get indexed by search engine, help them get his back links that might do something good to search engine rank position which people are busy with.

Directory should be quality that search engine would trust it and take it as a internet resource which search engine needs. So directory mostly is human edited, that make directory free of spam. What’s more the editor should take care, accepting low quality sites is not directory should do, that devalue directory.

Directory is not a place to advertise other sites products and services, so do not use some advertisement words in your description that would not help you get fast approval.

Directory is not a site copy, make your directory category and data unique would help you get something unexpected.

Every one join in directory business should take care of the directory rules, that would make you successful in this industry. 😉

Inject Issue

First please read this and this thread.

If you are running phpld v3.2, check the index.php file, remove the 2 lines below.

[PHP]require_once ‘include/pagerank.php’;
$pr = get_page_rank(‘http://www.fedoraforum.org’);[/PHP]

Or you have download the laster version, upload all files.

Then come to my problem.
I received an email asking for remove his link. He told me there are some porn links in my source code.

Checked code, there are really some porn links in source code, adding “display:none” tag in the end. But there is no porn links codes foot.tpl and main.tpl files.

At last Romow found the problem. There is some code in the index.php.


Remove it and every thing goes smoothly. People said some one may inject the code from the contact form, I really received many spam emails from the contact page. But all the emails has been deleted and I can’t find how they inject the code.

Anyway the problem got resolve, why I post this, just help people keep away from it. If you have the same problem, just check the index.php file, you may find it.

Update: We found many other sites, you may check this post for detail.

Title is not keyword

From many submission we received, there is a same problem, people alway take their keywords as its title. Usually those sites would be removed without review as we are not a keywords directory.

If people all use keywords as its title there would be no google only search engine. We accepted your submission and then google would consider us as a spam directory with keyword clouds, we would disappear in search engine. Is that do any good to you? I guess most web directory would not accept submission in that way.

We are not spam factory but only a free directory that help your site get backlink and help google get quality sites for people.

Top and latest page rewrite for phpld

All would know url-rewrite could help your site SEO, and also it would help to transfer google page rank.

For example,
The latest page for phpld is “index.php?list=latest”, after rewrite it would be latest.html. What’s the difference?
If you domain is PR 5, the latest page would be 3 without rewrite, but it would be 4 after you rewrite it.

How to rewrite it?
That’s easy as I also do it 😉

For phpld 3.x

Add these code after pagination rewrite

##Latest Links Rewrite
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-l
RewriteRule ^latest-links\.htm[l]?$ index.php?list=latest [QSA,NC,L]

##Top Hits Rewrite
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-l
RewriteRule ^top-hits\.htm[l]?$ index.php?list=top [QSA,NC,L]

You can check this demo.

How to get fast approval in directory submission

People would submit their sites to directories to get backlinks, but sites will not be accepted in a short time for most directory. As they would have tons of sites to review, a long time has gone when yours get the chance to be reviewed.

How to get fast approval?

There are 3 way you can do.
First, make sure your site is good quality, useful sites would get faster approval than others.
Then, try paid submission. Paying a little review fee your sites would get 48-hours-review (or less).
Last, you should follow the submission guide of the free directory, keywords mostly is not the title.

BTW, there is a free directory list for you.

Good luck with your submission.

Paid phpld directories

This is a paid phpld directory list, sorted by page rank and page strength.

If you would like your paid phpld directory listed here or removed from this list, contact me.

2007.5.24 Update: Depends on the PS tool would not working for free with large checking, we would list all the paid phpld directory with PageRank and Directory History from when it was a phpld directory. All the information is from the Internet Archive and Alexa.
2007.5.9 Update: 5 new paid phpld directory added, removed 1 using other script. Update the Pagerank, PS would be updating when the PS tool works smoothly.
2007.1.10 Update: 1 new paid phpld directory added.
2007.1.7 Update: 4 new paid phpld directory added.

Moved Here.

Free phpld directories

I would list all free phpld directory to help you get free submission. If you want to list or remove your phpld directory here, just contact me.

Note: this list updates every week, all the paid or reciprocal directory will be removed. Please do not post your directory in the comments.

2011.5.9 Update: Update Pagerak and added 10 directories.
2011.3.19 Update: Update Pagerak and remove some dead sites and reciprocal directories.
2007.9.11 Update: 1 reciprocal directory removed.
2007.7.29 Update: 1 paid directory and 1 error directory for one more month removed.
2007.7.18 Update: 1 paid directory removed.
2007.7.10 Update: 1 paid directory removed.
2007.6.25 Update: 2 free directory added, 1 dead and 1 paid removed.
2007.6.11 Update: 3 free directory added.
2007.6.8 Update: 1 paid directory removed.
2007.6.3 Update:1 free phpld directory added,1 paid directory and one do not accept submission removed.
2007.5.18 Update:2 free phpld directory added, 8 paid directory removed.
2007.5.2 Update: 2 free phpld directory added, 2 paid directory, 5 dead and 1 reciprocal directory removed, Pagerank updated.
2007.4.27 Update: 1 paid directory removed.
2007.4.17 Update: 6 paid directory removed
2007.4.8 Update: 1 paid directory removed.
2007.2.24-28 Update: 5 free phpld directory added, 5 paid one removed.
2007.2.14 Update: 4 dead and 4 paid directory removed. The list moved to here.
2007.2.6 Update: 1 free phpld directory added.
2007.2.2 Update: 3 dead and 6 paid directory removed, page rank updated.
2007.1.23 Update: 2 free phpld directory added, 6 paid directory removed.
2007.1.14 Update: 7 free phpld directory added, 5 paid directory removed and update the page rank.
2007.1.10 Update: 1 free phpld directory added, 4 paid directory and 1 dead removed.
2007.1.7 Update: 1 free phpld directory added.
2007.1.6 Update: 2 paid directory removed.
2006.12.26 Update: 5 free phpld directory added.
2006.12.24 Update: 13 paid directory and 4 dead directory removed.