Red-Black Free PHPLD Template

This is a professional for phpld directory, the template has room for some good placements and information on the side as well as latest featured listings or homepage listings at the bottom of the main page. The fonts and a PSD are included with the zips for convenient customization.

This free phpld template is offered by Alive Directory, you can use it by keeping the link alive on the foot.

Here is the screen shot
Red-Black  Free PHPLD Template

Download for PHPLD v2.1
Download for PHPLD v3.1

Unique Directory

What people like and what search engine like are unique directory which offers unique content and services.

I think we could make a list for unique directories as we have made two successful directory list for free phpld directory and paid phpld directory. This would be a weekly update directory list, the directory can be used any script and for any subject.

The directory listed should use unique template which is the most important term, otherwise the directory should be family friendly, so we can’t list adult, porn, gambling, illegal directory.

And you can find the list here.

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What’s a web directory

People called 2006 is directory year, thousands of directories born and dead. But what is a web directory, every one got his opinion.

In my opinion,

Directory is a site help people’s site get indexed by search engine, help them get his back links that might do something good to search engine rank position which people are busy with.

Directory should be quality that search engine would trust it and take it as a internet resource which search engine needs. So directory mostly is human edited, that make directory free of spam. What’s more the editor should take care, accepting low quality sites is not directory should do, that devalue directory.

Directory is not a place to advertise other sites products and services, so do not use some advertisement words in your description that would not help you get fast approval.

Directory is not a site copy, make your directory category and data unique would help you get something unexpected.

Every one join in directory business should take care of the directory rules, that would make you successful in this industry. 😉

Yahoo Directory Listed

I have submitted Submission4U Directory last week. But we got a big problem 2 days later, I was hoping that would not do any harm to the submission to yahoo.

Fortunately, I got this email this morning,

The following URL submitted for expedited review with Yahoo!
Directory Submit Order #submission number has been added to the Yahoo!

Finally, we got accepted. I think our directory has been believable enough so that Yahoo Directory would list us.

Update: You may find us here or here. 😉


Onyx free phpld template is designed by DirectoryDump Web Directory

Onyx provides you with everything you want and need. Sidebar, custom submit page, featured and regular listings really stand out. Search Engine Optimized, custom h1 tags as well. It is free to use by keeping the designer and sponsor link on the foot.

The source .psd files is included and you can use own logo for your directory.

Screen Shots:


Good looking, right?

Click here to download for v2.1

Click here to download for v3.2